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August 13 2018

Qualche giorno in Molise

August 10 2018

Il complotto definitivo

August 08 2018

Mi fa piacere

August 02 2018


July 29 2018



Che dite, ci provo a fare la salsa?

July 28 2018

Sardegna 2018

July 26 2018


June 17 2018


All the small things (cit.)

Un po’ di piccoli frutti.

Le fragoline le sto raccogliendo da un po’ già, e fra poco, col caldo vero, si metteranno in pausa per un paio di mesi.

I ribes li ho già raccolti, ma ho solo una pianta e quindi sono stati buoni solo per dei muffin.

Le more stanno maturando e saranno fatte ad agosto. La pianta è piccola, quindi anche in questo caso la produzione è limitata…

La mia idea è quella di tappezzare orto e giardino di varie specie di piccoli frutti in modo da assaggiare un po’ di tutto!

June 08 2018


Mickey Tomato

Una bizzarra mutazione…

June 04 2018


Gigli magici?

Di magia ne hanno ma non hanno niente a che fare con quel giglio magico!

Tra l’altro sono un’ottima postazione di caccia per alcuni graditi ospiti…


June 03 2018

Ospiti graditi

Primo giro

La mitica bieta con le coste multicolore.

Direi che la nuova irrigazione dà i suoi frutti!

2 giugno di mare

May 28 2018


La Wanda

Questa bella varietà a portamento compatto parte con infiorescenze quasi bianche che poi scuriscono col tempo.

May 27 2018


Giardini del mondo: l’orto botanico di Viterbo

Una bella realtà, nata meno di 30 anni fa, che ci ha regalato una bella mattinata.

Tanti ambienti diversi ma ben coordinati fra loro e soprattutto ben curati…

Chi può, ci faccia un salto!


May 20 2018



Per il primo anno ci regala una fioritura degna di questo nome!


May 19 2018

4420 64f4 500


nailed it.


May 17 2018


hate me







I’ve been ruminating about this since forever.

tw: no fun allowed, bitching, sjw, etc. also transphobia + transmisoginy + pain. also long read. also I write like shit.

so, I’m a trans girl. I’m Italian. I came out at 26. lame.

this is about an Italian comic I used to read when I wasn’t even a teenager. the comic is called Rat-Man. I think it started as a faint parody of Batman, but quickly became its own thing. I don’t know how much copies each issue sells, but like everyone knows it and I guess almost everyone loves it. the author’s page has 63K likes on facebook. he’s a cishet man. the comic has been going on for maybe almost 30 years.

the main character is a superhero dressed as a rat


drawing of ratman

but we don’t care about his adventures while saving the world from evil forces. (more often than not they’re quite good, when the author is not chasing easy gags)

what I care about most is her. the thorn in my side


drawing of Cinzia, a woman with broad shoulders, with the description reading “Cinzia, ex postman, now a transexual who loves clothes w/ leopard print. has a crush on ratman, who reciprocates with stomach weakness when he sees him/her” (misgendering in the original)

she’s called Cinzia Otherside (there should be a pun in the name), and she’s a trans woman who didn’t get bottom surgery, as we’re kindly reminded quite often. she’s inexplicably in love with ratman, and tries constantly to seduce him. he blatantly rejects her, exhibiting disgust.

she’s the most memorable running joke of the comic. everyone knows her, she’s the archetype of trans women.


Cinzia is wearing only a night gown. the narrator tells us that she just did “the operation”, which could mean surgery. ratman seems excited, he holds a bottle of champagne. Cinzia drops the dress. sound of thunder. ratman drops the bottle, he’s unsettled by what he sees: Cinzia’s penis. we find out which “operation” the narrator was talking about: there’s an arithmetic operation written on the wall.

transphobic gags were always there. Cinzia’s private parts are the chef’s specialty, followed by characters overly disgusted by her, and characters misgendering her. transphobic jokes were there even before Cinzia’s character became a regular.


“save us, ratman, save us” says a girl, while she kisses ratman. ratman asks her name. she says “Gianfraco”, a male name. we see ratman trying to vomit, disgusted.


two girls enter a disco. a sign on the wall reads “free entrance to women”. one of the girls says, “oh crap, I knew it. we have to pay

the depiction of trans women in ratman mirrors perfectly how Italy’s public opinion perceives trans women. we’re prostitutes, we’re predatory, we deceive our helpless heterosexual males. we are not women: we are men in dresses. we are mentally disturbed.

(when Lily and Lana Wachowski announced their transition it was open season)


ratman is hanging off a cliff, his right hand tied to a chain. Cinzia holds the other end, on top of the cliff. she says “it’s useless, you can’t break the chain. you’re mine now”. Cinzia licks her lips in a disturbing way. ratman shouts “no”, and grabs his sword to cut his hand.

the love Cinzia has for ratman expresses itself through her obsession with him. she’s strong, much bigger than him. this scares ratman even more than the fact that she’s a men in a dress. he’s so scared he’d rather cut his hands off, than fall in Cinzia’s clutches.

ratman is a terrible person. he’s constantly objectifying women, hitting on them, and never getting some. (does this make him an incel?) also he’s the worst super hero ever. he’s weak, not smart, and his signature move is getting beaten up, basically.

but when Cinzia chases him, the reader is supposed to sympathize with him, feel his primordial fear. which is probably pretty close to the fear the murderers of Matthew Shepard claimed to have had when they beat him up and left him to die.


ratman says to Cinzia, “at dawn I will marry the most beautiful woman in the world… emphasis on woman”. he’s not talking about Cinzia. Cinzia looks unimpressed: “how common. I would’ve emphasized dawn”.

what one gets out of these gags is that not only trans women are not women, they’re not even human beings. there’s nothing wrong in constantly insulting us.


Cinzia arrives late to dinner. she apologizes, as she had to “make herself beautiful”. ratman says that, given the result, she could have come down earlier and set the table. he laughs.

Cinzia somehow keeps her cool. she almost never seems to notice all the hate she’s spewed upon.


Cinzia is crying on the bed, with ruined makeup


but then,

sometimes she fights back.

sometimes she fights back in a funny way.


Cinzia is talking to a detective about her love for ratman. she says that he only wants her body. the detective says that he understands ratman. he’s a man too. a police man says, “I’m a man too”. then he points at Cinzia and says, “and if we want to tell it all, he’s also…” cut to an ambulance speeding away. the detective says, “how did he break his arm?” to which Cinzia answers, “sometimes it happens, between men”

seeing her fighitng back feels empowering, and bittersweet. cause the detective is the only one that sees Cinzia as a woman. and not because he’s the only decent person. he’s constantly depicted as the one that is too stupid to understand what everyone else understands.

other times, we see her in a different light.


Cinzia has been stabbed in the heart by Leganzia, an evil witch. Cinzia starts shining, and Leganzia starts burning. while she’s burning, she gets a glimpse of Cinzia’s truth, inside the light radiating from her: she sees a beautiful woman, compared the masculine body we usually see. then the light stops, and Leganzia dies, while Cinzia is still standing. Leganzia won’t be able to tell anyone the truth she saw.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this passage, but I still get emotional every time. and I feel a strong dissonance: how can something so beautiful and pure come out from the same comic that gave me all that pain? how can I accept this kind of conflict?

sometimes the reader gets to see her as a person, gets a taste of what she might feel.


Cinzia is early in her transition. she’s wearing a bob wig, her chest looks masculine. her friend Tamara sits her in front of a mirror, tells her to close her eyes. when Cinzia opens them again she’s wearing a blonde wig, the one she’s always wearing. Cinzia is pleasantly surprised. Tamara says that men prefer blondes.

how can this moment of intimate kindness come from the same pages that treat Cinzia as a freak? how come her delicate surprise when seeing herself in the mirror for the first time is so on point?

and then sometimes, she’s just badass.


La Gatta, a demon that takes the form of a sensual woman to seduce and feed on men, approaches a person in a hazard suit, their face not visible under the helmet. La Gatta flirts with the person. she asks if they are happy to see her (if they have an erection), or if they just have “a gun in their pocket”. they don’t answer. she asks if she can get a kiss. the person in the suit says, “but it would ruin the lipstick”. La Gatta proceeds to remove the person’s helmet, saying “I don’t mind”. the person in the hazard suit is Cinzia. La Gatta looks shocked. Cinzia says “my lipstick”. she fires on La Gatta several times. La Gatta transforms back into a demon, and dies while Cinzia keeps firing her gun. Cinzia doesn’t stop pulling the trigger even when she’s out of bullet. she pauses, then she says “I had a gun”.

how can one not love this woman?

I still don’t know where I want to get with this post. maybe I knew when I started writing two hours ago. now I don’t know what else to write.

I started writing in pain, now I’m overflowing with love for her. I can’t let her go, even if the author makes fun of her constantly in a dehumanizing way. I’ll have to live with it.

as a final note: I think all of the comics I added to this post have more than 20 years. ratman is still going. I guess one could say “society was different” 20 years ago. but the comic was the same 10 years ago. maybe now the comic has changed, but we Italians did not. this comes from the author’s facebook page:


decisive evening for Cinzia. elegant is not enough. she must be fabulous. or mythological, half woman half surprise.


“it’s like a see-through. or maybe oh-my-god-what-did-I-see-through”


“why is she more feminine than me?”
“cause she’s a woman with an extra gear”
“I can never compete”
“actually we could say she has a whole extra shift gear, not just one gear”

am I too sensible if I feel hurt by this? if I want to go back into hiding after reading this? cause I’ve been reading these jokes my whole life. I’m glad in the last couple years I found more positive representation, and that this allowed me to start healing, and to start finding myself.

I don’t blame this comic for my closet years. I actually believe it made me somewhat sturdier. but it represents who I have around. I’ve always heard these words.

so he announced he’s making a whole comic dedicated to Cinzia. the comments are 90% dick jokes ofc. can I be scared?

We can hope.

Devo dire che le battute su Cinzia Otherside mi fanno molto meno ridere di una volta. Capita, quando cresci e ti rendi conto.

Questo post è bellissimo e spiega benissimo come Cinzia riesca a essere la cosa più imbarazzante di Rat-Man e allo stesso tempo avere dei momenti di assoluta e straordinaria empatia da parte del suo autore.

Purtroppo, se i più ci vedono solo il lato becero è anche perché i momenti beceri che la vedono protagonista sono molti di più di quelli “umanizzanti”.

Sono molto curioso per la storia futura su di lei.

La cosa più brutta di Ortolani e di altri artisti in gamba come lui sono i momenti “essùddai fattela una risata!”

Grazie @asmeikal

ragazzi, leo fa satira di costume e le reazioni di ratman nel rapporto con cinzia sono quelle che ha il 90% della popolazione quando si parla di questo tema. ci sono due livelli di lettura insomma: quel 90% riderà di cinzia e delle battute su di lei, gli altri rideranno (giustamente) di quanto è coglione e retrogrado ratman. diciamo che è un po’ lo stesso meccanismo di fantozzi… non è che villaggio elogiasse la meschinità del ragionier ugo, no?

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